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The forum shops at Caesars Palace Thanksgiving 2014

The forum shops at Caesars Palace Thanksgiving 2014

This is the view of got as I took a walk through the newer wing of the forum shops at Caesars Palace. I often wonder if I should spell it “shoppes” however I will let my autocorrect win this argument and go with the modern spelling. 

One caveat of using a mobile phone exclusively as opposed to my old Canon DSLR is the field of view, but an intelligent panoramic stitch mode offsets this, additionally the grain created to me, creates a unique look are 

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Caesars Palace forum shops hdr photo


The Venetian Las Vegas Lobby – HDR Photo

The Venetian Las Vegas Lobby – HDR Photo

venetian las vegas lobby HDRSpeaking of forgotten photographs (was anyone speaking of a forgotten photo?) we have one that I found on my dropbox, taken in December of 2012, this is The Venetian Las Vegas Lobby – HDR Photo that I took with a Samsung Galaxy S3 and put through some processing in an app on the phone.

I wish that I had an idea of what application I had used, however that has been lost to the ages, and I have moved on to a better phone with a nicer camera.

This was taken as I was dropping some paperwork off to a guest, and I stopped to admire the reflections on the floor. Shiny to the max. Ironically enough, the National Geographic Magazine cover display was happening just a few feet from me, as I took this photo.

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Town Square las Vegas Christmas 2014

Town Square las Vegas Christmas 2014

It’s been many years since I’ve posted. Suddenly people are finding my blog. Thanks.

Anyhow, town square had a Christmas tree. And so here are a few photos.

Town Square is an interesting place. People come here to get off the strip. Ironically it is actually still on las Vegas Boulevard however you couldn’t tell.

The shopping center exists because las Vegas lacks any real outdoor shopping. Consider the heat and relatively young city itself and you can see why.

Hope you enjoy.

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As an added bonus, this isn’t Christmas related but why not? It is a Camaro for those wondering, but I love carbon fiber and thought this angle was nice. 20141122_154951_Richtone(HDR)_1

Lou Ruvo Brain Center by Frank Ghery

This is the Lou Ruvo Brain Center in Las Vegas NV.

Perhaps the building with the most famous architech in all of Vegas, with Frank Ghery as the designer.

An eyesore? Modern Art? You decide.

Two different versions, an over the top HDR and a more conservative realistic version.



Iconic Vegas – The Riveria Hotel and Casino

The Riveria in Las Vegas.

A three photo HDR that was upped to a five image set for extra range, this photo was taken on May 16th, the last day that the 59 year old Sahara was open.

The Riviera is one of the oldest on Las Vegas Blvd, and some say it will be one of the soonest to close as it has been in and out of bankruptcy for years.

A Trip to the Forum (Part 2)

One more shot from my trip into Caesars Palace a few weeks back. I went from the bottom level to the third level, taking this from the third level of the shops.

The fountains are beautiful and this shot definately showcases the reason why so many make the trip to Caesars Palace while on vacation.

This particular section of the shops was completed about five years ago, it is the newer expansion and creates a great central point, perfect for a meeting place.

A Trip to The Forum (Part 1)

The Forum Shoppes at Caesars Palace.

Perhaps known as a high end shopping center in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City, it is actually a very interesting place to watch light stream through windows onto over the top opulent artwork and archetecture.

Sure, you know that looking at this incredible scene that all of it was built a mere five or six years ago however I defy you to find better replica work anywhere on earth, of any one time period.

Two files are represented here, a tone mapped HDR file and a fused version to show a quasi-unreal view and more realistic version of the scene.

Harley Davidson at Trader Bills – Fremont Street Las Vegas

There is a lot of history downtown, and one of the oldest gift shops in Las Vegas is part of that history.

The Trader Bills gift shop dates back until the 1940’s and has undergone different changes, going from a wooden building to red brick facade, and bringing in the Harley Davidson brand in the past decade to help boost traffic.

This shot was take in March of 2011.

High Above the Justice Center – Downtown Las Vegas

There are seldom few things that I love and hate more than going up high.

This likely comes from having a father who was never comfortable with hights, coupled with the fact that we lived in the City if Niagara Falls Ontario as a child, which meant plenty of going to stare at the 176 foot drop to the bottom, and wanting to take the ride to the top of the (now far gone) Minolta and Skylon towers, where he would fret over our perfectly safe selves.

Flash forward to living in a somewhat vertical city like Las Vegas, where although we are not Manhattan or Manila by any means there are places where the view is nice, and no one bothers you taking photographs.

The city of Las Vegas’ Regional Justice center makes a nice place to hike up fifteen floors, and if you squint you can make out several of the resorts on the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard, along with the Flamingo Road Casino corridor.

Circus Circus, Trump Tower (on the Strip) as well as the empty shell that never became the Echelon Place are on the strip, the other buildings are The Rio All Suites hotel and the three Palms Towers, all of these (Rio, Palms) are on Flamingo road, nowhere near the famed “Strip,” but the photo sure makes it look this way.

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Another interesting spot that you would not think to look for in “Casino town U.S.A.” is on the plaza that faces the same justice center. Here a replica of the Liberty Bell sits as a testament of our history, while predominantly homeless people risk tickets and fines for loitering and asking for change.

The center itself is dominant in the downtown. You cannot miss it, but never want to end up here.

All the while, if you have faith you are being watched over

The Four Queens – Just Golden

In downtown Las Vegas there are many different “dive” hotel and casinos to choose from,  but a few stand out.

One of these nicer hotels is the Four Queens Hotel and Casino, and there is gold everywhere the eye can see. The valet is one such location where you can find an insane ammount of gold colored chrome, and this photo is an example of an over the top session in HDR based around that gold.