Las Vegas HDR, Macro and Fine Art Phoography

Where Paris Meets Bellagio

It is a funny thing.

No matter how many times I walk past the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas, I never cease to stop and look and just wonder how much thought, effort and manpower was put into constructing a man made lake which literally increases the relative humidity in the area when the show is running.

If you take a walk up and around the fountain you find a scene similar to the one here. When the fountains start, the Paris Hotel across the street appears to blend and merge with the Bellagio and they seem to be as one for a brief few moments.

This work here is one of my first that started out realistic and quickly slid towards the surreal. The colors were achieved by changing and tone mapping the image over and over again, and after several tries the result was one that I thought I would post.



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