Las Vegas HDR, Macro and Fine Art Phoography

High Above the Justice Center – Downtown Las Vegas

There are seldom few things that I love and hate more than going up high.

This likely comes from having a father who was never comfortable with hights, coupled with the fact that we lived in the City if Niagara Falls Ontario as a child, which meant plenty of going to stare at the 176 foot drop to the bottom, and wanting to take the ride to the top of the (now far gone) Minolta and Skylon towers, where he would fret over our perfectly safe selves.

Flash forward to living in a somewhat vertical city like Las Vegas, where although we are not Manhattan or Manila by any means there are places where the view is nice, and no one bothers you taking photographs.

The city of Las Vegas’ Regional Justice center makes a nice place to hike up fifteen floors, and if you squint you can make out several of the resorts on the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard, along with the Flamingo Road Casino corridor.

Circus Circus, Trump Tower (on the Strip) as well as the empty shell that never became the Echelon Place are on the strip, the other buildings are The Rio All Suites hotel and the three Palms Towers, all of these (Rio, Palms) are on Flamingo road, nowhere near the famed “Strip,” but the photo sure makes it look this way.

Like it? Hate it? Please comment on this photo and share your thoughts.

Another interesting spot that you would not think to look for in “Casino town U.S.A.” is on the plaza that faces the same justice center. Here a replica of the Liberty Bell sits as a testament of our history, while predominantly homeless people risk tickets and fines for loitering and asking for change.

The center itself is dominant in the downtown. You cannot miss it, but never want to end up here.

All the while, if you have faith you are being watched over


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