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A Trip to the Forum (Part 2)

One more shot from my trip into Caesars Palace a few weeks back. I went from the bottom level to the third level, taking this from the third level of the shops.

The fountains are beautiful and this shot definately showcases the reason why so many make the trip to Caesars Palace while on vacation.

This particular section of the shops was completed about five years ago, it is the newer expansion and creates a great central point, perfect for a meeting place.


Where the Palace Meets The Gods

If you go to only one themed resort while in Las Vegas, it should be to Caesars Palace.

That is not to say that there aren’t other nice themed resorts on the strip. The Luxor is a scale replica of the Pyramids in Egypt and Paris does a good job of looking like, well like Paris.

But the art and history that has gone into Caesars palace is in a word, epic.


As you walk through the casino and are led into the Forum Shops you start to notice the attention to detail. Every bit of the resort and it’s shopping has been customized with near perfect representations of Roman art. There is a two story tall statue in the main entrance to the shops, bathed in sunlight during the day and watching the stars at night.


The main junction point where the three wings of the Forum Shops separate is anchored by restaurants and contain some of the most detailed statues, centered around fountains and featuring several Roman Gods.

I was first introduced to these statues by my wife several years ago.
To say the location is a popular spot for vacation photos is an understatemet. Over the course of an hour hundreds of people stop to pose with the Gods.


As a photographer, these types of settings pose an interesting paradigm. Another subject that has been recorded to film and memory card millions, if not billions of times. How many times have they been taken well?

It took me six years since arriving in Las Vegas to learn the methods to take properly pay tribute to these Gods. The resulting images here were a combination of several exposures, careful post processing and a will and determination. The result was a shoot that saw me taking nine photos of the same scene, putting in about thirty minutes at each angle as people darted in and out of frame and being patient enough to get the shots.

In short, these captures were difficult to create, but worth every second invested.