Las Vegas HDR, Macro and Fine Art Phoography

Why Do My Photos Look “Different”?

If you look at the photography on this site you may often see images which somehow look “different.” 

Sometimes the difference is mild. Often times it is blatantly obvious and the photos border on the surreal. Either way most of the time they have been edited using Photoshop and are post processed.


I would say that all photos you see in marketing material are moderately to heavily edited.
There was a point where I would hate the idea of post processing my images, feeling that purity was best and that what my camera produced was what made me a photographer.

The truth is quite the opposite. In fact a cameras image sensor is as individual as any type of film. The camera simply cannot record the perfect image, and what your eyes see never translates into a photo that properly grabs the users attention.

The immensely talented Peter Lik has said in the past that all the photos he takes with film get digitized at some point, so color editing and processing in Photoshop is a given.

Enter HDR

There is a great photographer named Trey Ratcliff who has a theory about photo. He proposes that to properly bring out a “real” experience when viewing photography you must record more data in a photo that the camera can deliver.

HDR (high dynamic range) photography is a technique I have started to use that records multiple images, which the artist merges to exploit as broad a range of color as possible. 

The resting work can snap off a page and make the viewer go from perhaps three seconds of viewing to maybe ten times that. 
If everyone everywhere is suddenly a photographer, there has to be a way to stand out in a crowd, and HDR Is a tool use to accomplish that “wow” factor in my work.

No this isn’t a blog on how-to. You can find that online at Trey Ratcliff’s blog.

Now that you know, I hope you enjoy. Of course if you have any questions please feel free to ask!


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